Address:shainiver peth, datta smruti,pune

About Us

Reva Samajik Vikas Sanstha aims at engaging socially conscious corporates, groups and individuals, with NGOs of matching interest with the purpose of collectively add value to the society at large.

Our Vision

Every Human Being Have Some Primary Needs Like Food, Shelter, Clothes. Also Some Secondary Needs Like Education, Health Center And An Occupation. So Our Vision Is To Uplift Those Underprivileged People.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Give Our Contribution To Society So That Every Element Of Society Can Live Happy Life. We Aim To Expand Socially, Technically And Environmentally. We Aim To  Eradicate Poverty, Unemployment, Starvation.


Health Is The Greatest Of All Possessions. To Cope With Health Problems, The Team Of Reva Samajik Sanstha Is Leading Many Projects, Workshops. Which Are Centered Around Tuberculosis And HIV To Help Community. 

Our Initiative's

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